Metashima have been designed to be modular and customisable. We’ll be dropping new equipment, weaponry, and features that you’ll be able to collect, store, and swap out as you need. We have revealed there will be 3 Accessory Packs for Metashima Lightning.
Accessory Pack 01 [AP1] has just dropped. High quality weapons designed and built to be compatible for Metashima Lightning. AP1 has eight different powers, relating to the DNA types and will be used to conquer future frontiers.
Frequently asked questions: Obsidian Cell
What is the mint price for AP1?
Accessory Pack 1 is a mint for Metashima Lightning holders only. The cost is 0.03 ETH.
What is the mint date for AP1?
We are currently targeting February 2023, and will be relasing the exact date as we draw closer to the mint. Holders will be provided with plenty of notice.
How many accessories from AP1 can I mint?
As a Metashima Lightning holder, you can mint 1 accessory, per 1 Metashima owned. For example; 10 Metashima Lightning enables you to mint up to 10 Accessories from AP1.
Is the accessory pack mint DNA specific?
No. The mint for AP1 is completely random. If you own a Metashima Lightning with an O1 or B2 DNA, you can mint an N8 accessory.
Can I only customise my Metashima with matching DNA?
For the first accessory pack, you can equip any Metashima Lightning DNA with any AP1 DNA type. For example: an O1 Metashima Lightning can equip an S3 Accessory.
What is the utility for the accessories in AP1?
These are collectibles to customise your Metashima Lightning. Future utility might involve utilising these inside a gaming world and storytelling.
Is every future accessory pack going to be chargeable?
No. The delivery method for each accessory pack will change. This could include DNA specific accessories, airdrops, tiered mints, etc.
Will there by 3D files available for accessories in AP1?
Yes. Similar to Metashima Lightning, we will provide 3D files for each of the 8 accessories.
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