The MAG will be introduced to Metashima Lightning holders. It will be your first virtual space for you to interact with and customise your Shima. Your 3D workshop and future Metashima training dojo, a base station and portal to other Metaverse worlds. The DNA type of your Obsidian Cell will inform aspects of the MAG. See the teasers here.
Frequently asked questions: MAG
When can I expect to receive the MAG?
We are aiming to deliver the MAG in Q1 2023. It is important to note that we will communicate exact dates as we draw closer to completion.
What can I expect to do inside the MAG?
The MAG will be released in phases. In the first phase, you will be able to explore the base station and begin to customise your Metashima.
In future phases, you will be able to pose your Metashima, interact with it, explore our secret rooms, use the portal to different Metaverse worlds, and socialise with friends.
Why is the MAG being delivered in phases?
The MAG is an entire project in it's entirety, and needs to be carefully delivered to align close to our standard of quality and how we as users consume Metaverse technology. This enables us to quickly pivot when new, emerging technology is released. This is a journey.
Will there be a burning event if I hold multiple MAGs?
This is being carefully discussed internally, and we will release more information when it is available. Currently, there are no plans to burn your MAG token.
How will the MAG be delivered?
Our current plans involve an airdrop, where each Metashima Lightning holder will recieve a MAG. We will communicate a snapshot for when this is going to take place, with a date, time, and block number.
Can I use the MAG if I don't hold a Metashima Lightning or Obsidian Cell?
If you purchase a MAG token and do not hold a Metashima Lightning or Obsidian Cell, you will be restricted in it's use. Holding an Obsidian Cell is used to power the MAG. Holding a Metashima lightning enables you to customise and interfact with your companion. We are cautious that we want our ecosystem to be inclusive, so expect more clarification on this as we progress.