The Obsidian Robotics ecosystem is forever growing, and it's important to understand how you can gain entry. We want our community to be as inclusive as possible.

Currently, there are two entry points into the Obsidian Robotics Ecosystem.

  • Holding a Metashima Lightning

  • Holding an Obsidian Cell

There will be future entry points into the ecosystem, which are yet to be announced. Find out all the current project gateways and holder access below:

Frequently asked questions: Ecosystem

I'm new to the project, what do I purchase first?

The best way to enter our ecosystem is through Metashima Lightning. This enables you to qualify for the MAG airdrop, and Accessory Pack 01 mint.

How do I chose my first Metashima Lightning?

Metashima Lightning has been designed to create a vast amount of unique combinations. Choosing your metaverse companion is incredibly exciting. We would recommend choosing based on aesthetics, on rare DNA types, and community favorite traits.

This of course, depends on your budget. Some favorite traits inside the community are glass top/bottom guards, spoke sidepods, and cyclopse eyes.

I've just purchased my Metashima Lightning, what next?

Once you purchase your Metashima Lightning, we advise you acquire an Obsidian Cell. These were airdropped to holders, so most community members will have a matching. This is not required, as we recognise it can be difficult to acquire the matching cell. We advise selecting an Obsidian Cell with the highest DNA type within your budget.

Don't forget to join our community, acquire your holders role and share your Metashima on social media.

Does the DNA type and/or token # for Metashima Lightning need to match the Obsidian Cell?

No. The Obsidian Cell was airdropped to holders, so unless they have sold, it is highly likely that the token number will match. In order to power the MAG and acquire utility, all you need is one Metashima Lightning and one Obsidian Cell. The higher the DNA type of the Obsidian Cell, the more valuable experience you recieve inside the MAG.

Can I use my Metashima in the MAG without an Obsidian Cell?

You can explore around the MAG space, but you cannot power it without an Obsidian Cell. We will provide complete clarity in this nearer the time of launch.

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