Obsidian Robotics

Metashima is the first product from virtual corporation Obsidian Robotics, headed up by ADA, the Chief Scientist and face of the company. Three years ago [2019], Obsidian Robotics invented a sustainable and clean super energy. Engineered as the Obsidian Cell, today they provide an ultra efficient power unit for Obsidian Robotics products.
Production of the first Metashima - named Lightning, went smoothly but later an undetected failure caused an alteration within the Obsidian Cell which produced a variant Metashima DNA type - a companion with a darker side. The effects of the corruption aren’t fully known but these Metashima are code-named Shadow.
The Obsidian Cell is important to the Obsidian Robotics Ecosystem. One already exists inside and powers every Metashima Lightning, however, after The Shima Quest [a community quest set by ADA] Obsidian Robotics airdropped every Metashima Lightning holder an Obsidian Cell. The Obsidian Cell will provide utility for future Obsidian Robotics products, including the MAG.