Metashima Lightning

Metashima is your personal metaverse companion. It will be your intelligent sidekick. By your side and connected to the things you love, it’ll help you to explore virtual worlds, make new friends, and conquer future frontiers.
Frequently asked questions: Metashima Lightning
What are the traits for Metashima Lightning?
Metashima Lightning consists of primary 'physical' traits and secondary 'cosmetic' traits.
For a breakdown of the primary traits, click here. These are broken down into modules to facilitate future customisation.
For a breakdown of the secondary traits, click here. These are used to style Metashima.
What is the rarity for Metashima?
Rarity is a metric used to often determine the value of your token. For Metashima, we use both Rarity Tools and Rarity Sniper.
OpenSea has provided Open Rarity, which provides a rarity score for the collection, but this does not truly reflect the value the team have placed on certain traits.
Our rarity is structured into a pyramid, with DNA type at the top, followed by primary traits, and then secondary traits.
Can I access 3D files for my Metashima Lightning?
We have released 10 generic 3D files which are open to holders to use when creating content. We have plans to release 4720 individual 3D files to holders towards the end of 2023.